Zac Efron Skids, Justin Bieber Kids, Gwen Stefani Smiles, Miley Cyrus Styles

Check out some fascinating video and great photos.

Check out a few of these fascinating videos! Click on them above.

One of the videos above shows Zac Efron burning rubber as he goes into Vanessa Hudgens’ driveway. He seemed a bit in a hurry to get to see her, but then, it is a tough hill on that driveway . . .

Then, there is the video of Justin Bieber surprising a few girls who are trying out his new dance game. At least one of the scenes was shot in an East Valley studio. The girls are testing it out, and then he walks in. He seems like a good sport about posing for photos with them, and signing autographs. You could enter a contest with the Just Dance game and meet him too, see here:  ‪http://on.fb.me/UJxtJr at www.facebook.com/justdancegame. 

Miley Cyrus showed off her new hairdo on an appearance of Two and A Half Men last night (Thursday). She was cute, funny and beautiful with her Southern accent and fast-talking pace. She played well off of Ashton Kutcher, who was just named as pulling in the highest salary on TV, and there are fellow Studio City residents like Emmy-winner Jon Cryer and Studio City Mom and TV writer Susan McMartin working on the show  (see photos above) . . . 

Miley looks really stylish on the show, as she has when she's seen around The SC lately.  On the show, she has some skimpy beachwear and looks like she's ready to rock in an Annette Funicello beach movie. She ends up having a liaison with the youth who plays Cryer's son in the show, Jake (Angus T. Jones). "Two and a Half Men" airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS. Could it be that she did so well her character will return? . . . 

Gwen Stefani and her hubby Gavin Rossdale seem all smiles as they were spotted in Studio City more than three times over the past week.

First, she was seen at a Starbucks grabbing a grande something-or-other with him, and then they went to the local Petco shop. It was there than an over-anxious driver almost hit Stefani in the parking lot. Her husband had to step in between at the last minute and slow the driver down.

Then, Stefani was seen heading to a recording session in town, and then the tabloids said the couple were seen going to a couple's therapy meeting. She’s out and about in black leggings and a scarf she bought on Ventura Boulevard, and then the chic mom took her youngest son to school in Studio City.

Have you seen someone notable around town?


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