Taylor Lautner Romances, Taylor Swift Skimps, Dakota Fanning Dances, Ariel Winter Primps

What stars have you seen around town?

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were seen once again at Bistro Gardens, where they hung out regularly when they were hot and heavy a few years ago. There's one site (#TaylorSquared) that has a vested interested in wanting them to get back together, but alas, Swift isn't playing the field as much as she has been, especially since she's been the brunt of a few jokes about her dating habits (at the Golden Globes most recently).

Swift has gone through a lot of Studio City locals, including Jake Gyllenhaal (who went to school at Harvard-Westlake), and was most recently seen locally with Harry Styles. According to reports, they didn't stay very long, and she skimped on her salad at the Bistro. He might have told her that he's getting back with his high school sweetheart Sara Hicks, as the tabloids are saying. . . . 

Every since Modern Family's smart daughter Ariel Winter moved to town, she's been seen everywhere, shopping for clothes on Ventura Boulevard, going to the Studio City Farmers Market and heading off to yoga. Lately, however, she found a great place to primp at the Studio City Nail Salon Stop. She goes for a mani-pedi sometimes with her syster, Shanelle Gray, and her nieces. (See more photos at Celebrity-gossip.net) . . . 

Also on the above-mentioned site, photographers caught Dakota Fanning starting off the new year at a dance class she's taking in Studio City. Click Celebrity-gossip.net to see the full set of photos . . . 

Believeinhappilyeverafter January 26, 2013 at 08:15 PM
Wow..that is so amazing for them! I don't think he told her anything bad that's the first smile I have seen on her that looks genuine in a long time and he looks like he has other things on his mind with that intensity. They are a great couple 5,000 people voted for them to be together on whose dating who (their recent flames got only a couple of votes) The public loves them together because they have a very romantic storyline remember BTD, everybody just wants a happy ending for them both. They are perfectly matched this could be her LTR. She doesn't need to play the field anymore this relationship has history. Hopefully they will not listen to the skeptics and give it a real try. Flynn Rider finally gets his Rapunzel, good climbing Taylor, it's worth the effort! God Bless.
monique February 04, 2013 at 11:51 PM
This story is false.........why play with the fans. No one else said the info was credible. Taylor Squared was cute, but lying to fans about them being back together isn't cool.


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