Studio City Film Festival Names Winners

After Sally Kirkland's injury, they finally get the full list out.

The directors of the Studio City Film Festival—Alex Marino, Lonny Stevens, and Steve Sturla—released the complete winners of the first annual film festival.

The announcements were dampened a bit after Sally Kirkland fell after accepting her Best Actress honor.

"We are happy to heat that Sally is on the mend, and I had a nice time visiting with her at the hospital and we wish her a speedy recovery," Sturla said Wednesday.

"There was an incredible amount of talent, both local and international, that came to this first festival and we look forward to do it for a long time," Sturla said.

Here is the complete list:

Best Feature: 

Rubicon's Broken (dir. Ophir Gottlieb) 


Best Comedic Short: 

What's Eating Pee Pee Wong? (dir. Phree Swearingen) 


 Best Documentary: 

Death by China (dir. Peter Navarro) 


Best Dramatic Short:: 

William the Magnificent (dir. by Shawn Shekarchian) 


Best Actor in a Dramatic Feature:
John Ruby (Touch)


Best Actor in a Comedic Feature:
Gary Busey, (Matt's Chance)


Best Actor in a Dramatic Short:
Grover Coulson (Painted Woman)


Best Actor in a Comedic Short:
Johnny Christos (What's Eating Pee Pee Wong?)


Best Actress in a Dramatic Feature:
Rebecca Bujko (Rubicon's Broken)


Best Actress in a Comedic Feature:
Jessica Piervicenti (Wet Behind the Ears)


Best Actress in a Dramatic Short:


Best Actress in a Comedic Short:
Marion Kerr (Far)


Best Director for a Feature:
Ophir Gottlieb (Rubicon's Broken)


Best Director for a Short:
Paul van Zyl (Elegy for a Revolutionary)


Best Animated Short:
Happily Ever After (dir. by Ben Genislaw, Yonni Aroussi)


Best Music Video

Let your Light Shine (prod. by John Ryan)

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