Selma Blair With Mystery Guy, Vanessa Hudgens Ain’t Lazy, Wayne Knight Stops to Buy, Miley Says Sex is Crazy

Who's being seen around The S.C.?

Miley Cyrus had better watch out what she’s saying in public, especially when she’s out for sushi in Studio City. Some of the tabloids got wind of her talking about her crazy sex life with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

She was dining at her favorite sushi spot, Kiwami.  The National Enquirer reported that she gushed to her girlfriends: “There’s no holds barred…the sex is wild! Liam fulfills all my fantasies, and I fulfill his.” (They supposedly went into a lot of detail.) . . . 

Sweet Selma Blair split up with the daddy of her baby, Arthur, who is 16 months old. The daddy, Jason Bleick, isn’t in the picture anymore, but now the big question is who is the hunk that she’s hanging out with in Studio City?(Ssome of the photos above.)

She’s 40, and he’s well, a bit younger, and they’ve been followed by photogs for two weeks. See photos in the Daily Mail (CLICK HERE)! . . .

Vanessa Hudgens is tireless! She goes to yoga three times a week (sometimes daily), and you can see some of the best photos above in the video montage above. She's shopping this week at one end of Studio City, then dining at a diner at the other end of Ventura Boulevard a few hours later, then out for dinner dressed up all fancy later in the evening. Click here, and you can see some photos of her in her leggings.

She isn't so friendly to the guys chasing her with cameras, but she's always sweet to fans, particularly the younger ones, and is fine about signing autographs and posing for pictures. . . .

While perusing the Studio City Farmers Market, a friend was telling me there was a notable woman walking the fruit stands (but he couldn't remember her name, so we don't know if it as a rare sighting or a typical one.) However, Mr. Studio City did see photographers following none other than Wayne Knight, the funny character actor who got gobbled up by a dinosaur in Jurassic Park and who worked nearby at the CBS Radford Lot when he guested on Seinfeld.


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