Sally Kirkland Takes a Hike in Fryman Canyon Park

The actress loves nature.

Sally Kirkland gracedand the this week with a casual stroll through nature.

She needed a break, it's been a tough time. 

Her beloved Silver Spoon restaurant (where she has introduced Studio City Patch to Shelley Winters in the past) is being demolished, and she also gave a eulogy to her friend, Susan Tyrell, just last weekend. Tyrell used to be Kirkland's roommate. They were both nominated for Oscars, and after years of illness, Tyrell died in June.

"I love the nature, walking through the trees," said Kirkland, who is happy that the Studio City forests are so close to home.

Meanwhile, Sally is in Glendale, playing the lead in a short film with comic actor Jason Stuart called Posey. Billy DaMota is directing.

Did Sally know about the mountain lion sighting nearby just before she took her stroll?

"Oh no, I'm glad I didn't know about," she laughed.


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