McConaughey Takes Limo to Trader Joe, Miley Knows Her Place; Vanessa Hudgens Just Says ‘No,’ Peter Berg Plays Kissy-Face

Mr. Studio City follows the stars in The S.C.

There’s nothing like going in style to the grocery store. 

Studio City resident Angela Kay tweeted the other day, “As I was shopping at Trader Joe's, a limo pulls up & Matthew McConaughey got out. i just grocery shopped next to him. #studiocity #LA

Mr. Studio City has interviewed the always-cool Matthew McConaughey, who was never known to really be wedded to a particular home or locale. (In fact, the last time we did an in-depth interview with him, it was at his place in Malibu.) Anyway, we don’t know if he’s living locally now (especially with his kiddies), but he certainly is seen almost weekly around The SC. So, if someone knows, let us know in the COMMENTS area below . . .

Peter Berg was spotted at the Laemmle NoHo 7 over the weekend in line for “The Master.” While he was in line, he was smooching it up with Whitey Cummings who created 2 Broke Girls and is focusing on Whitney. Meanwhile, he's prepping to work with Mark Wahlberg in the real-life story of a SEAL taking out a Taliban leader.

At the movies, she went into the theater while he went out to stand in line for snacks . . .

Miley Cyrus popped into Pinkberry in Studio City Sunday afternoon. She was all smiles in her new hair-do. (See photos above, and also go here.) . . .

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted leaving her yoga class, which she attends a handful of times a week, and she’s getting a bit more intolerant about the photographers following her.  (See photos in the gallery above, and also click here.)

She is holding up her hands (or her yoga mat) in front of her face when the paparazzi chase her down Ventura Boulevard these days rather than stopping to smile and pose like she used to do. At least they’re still chasing you, girl!



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