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Local Miley Cyrus Fans Offer a Studio City 'Thumbs Up' to Risque Cosmo Cover

Some of the fans have rearranged the Studio City magazine stands in hopes that Miley will see it.

Some local TeamMiley fans of local Studio City superstar Miley Cyrus have taken it upon themselves to go through town and rearrange the stands to promote their local hero's Cosmopolitan magazine cover.

Local fan Sofie Bunnie Tweeted a photo of her saying "Miley Cyrus isn't at the Studio City CVS yet."

Another local fan, Cheyne Thomas went to the local Ralphs to put all the Cosmo covers up front.

Some people have criticized the Disney starlet for appearing on the "Your Best Sex Ever" cover as she appears to open up her shirt without a bra on. 

At least one weekend manager said he didn't mind that the magazines were changed by customers, as long as people bought them, too.

Apparently, they like it locally, and the fans want to let her know, since she's frequently seen around town.


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