Chris Evans Hops Over, Emma Stone Stops Over, Stacy Keibler Jogging, Mila Kunis Slogging

See the photos and video of celebrities in The SC.

He didn’t look like any superhero, but Chris Evans certainly made a dramatic leap over the four-foot cement wall near Which Wich in the mini mall. This Avengers star was nabbing a hoagie at the new sandwich shop and even while balancing a all drink, managed to make it over the wall. . . . 

Emma Stone has been seen a lot lately in Studio City and especially arm in arm with Spidey-boy Andrew Garfield. The shutterbugs caught her leaving a friend's house in Studio City without makeup (how dare they!) Then, early this week, the pair were cozying up together while taking a hike in Fryman Canyon. They were holding hands (there are some rough spots), and you can see one of the photos in the gallery and more on Facebook:  ‪http://fb.me/TxlHOawq 

They're filming the next of the Amazing Spiderman series of movies, but Emma will also be cozying up to Bradley Cooper in Cameron Crowe's new movie. See more of her visit to Studio City by clicking here. . . .

George Clooney's main squeeze is still keeping the house warm in Studio City while George is stumping for President Obama. His girl, Stacy Keibler is jogging a lot from the Oscar winner's home in Studio City to nearby Coldwater Canyon Park and taking someo of the more secluded trails. See her in her tight jogging togs and click here for some of the Tweets. . . .

Mila Kunis was seen this week grabbing a grande latte at the local Starbucks in the heart of Studio City. (See more photos on Instagram.) The rumor lately is that Mila is about to break up with Ashton Kutcher, who's in Two and A Half Men which has a lot of other local folk involved with the show.

Have you seen a star in The SC this week?

Rich Addams October 26, 2012 at 02:20 AM
SAw that couple in Fryman, they were very nice and said hello to everyone. She seemed afraid of petting my dog, but he did, but after all he's Spidey!
Steve Brad October 26, 2012 at 12:10 PM
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