And The Award Goes To…Heidi!

This Awards season, a canine columnist nominates herself for Bestest Dog in Studio City

It’s Awards season here in Hollywood, and it’s me, Heidi, not Diane, writing to nominate myself for Bestest Dog in Studio City!

I would nominate myself also as Bestest Supporting Dog since I do a lot of very supportive work like writing this column for you, but I am a German shepherd so I think I am too big for that category. 

Last year, I was a very busy girl during Awards season (which was just like now, except then).  Diane is a journalist who writes about Hollywood, so she goes to Awards shows for peoples and leaves me alone at home. Dogs can't go because everybody wanders around off-leash in sparkly dresses and tall shoes.

But last year there was one big show that I got to go to: I was the only canine reporter allowed to cover Dog News Daily’s First Annual Golden Collar Awards.  That was a super-big deal because of the many very famous dogs who were there and who I got to meet. Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier from The Artist, was there. He was a big winner and went on to write a book called Uggie — My Story that I will probably read when I am not so busy as I am now, nominating myself.  

One of the reasons I can nominate me, Heidi, is that I reviewed a movie this past year called Darling Companion.  That means that I am a critic and so I can have an opinion about movies and who is in them.  Also I know about TV because I wrote about the new show Dog With A Blog on the Disney Channel.  I liked them both but here’s the thing: even though I wasn’t in a movie or a TV show this year I didn’t see any movie or TV show that had a better dog in it than me so to be honest I had to nominate me, Heidi, instead.

I would nominate myself as Bestest Dog in the World but I can’t do that because I have not been to the whole world yet to check and see. Someone in countries like India or Ireland or Tennessee could have a better dog, and I would be super-happy for them to have such a good pet.

But I am sure I am the best dog in Studio City because I have sniffed around here a lot and peed on most every street (except I might have missed part of Moorpark Avenue), and frankly I am still the most impressed with me, Heidi.  I have also met a lot of dogs here that I like a lot (Sherman Oaks, too) but they are not trained actors who can do a “speak” on cue, they just bark whenever they want, or who can play dead the way I can, which is just perfect (you can see me do it in the video I starred in for this Patch column). Right now I am working on my acceptance speak where I can say thank you to everybody who gave me a biscuit on the way up.

We have a lot of movie stars and famous people in Studio City. Some of them like George Clooney are nominated for the Academy Awards coming up on February 24, or have already won Golden Globe Awards or Screen Actors Guild awards and things where at the end they go home with statuettes (a SAG award is not such a good thing because actors usually try very hard not to get sags by having surgery). 

But there were no dogs nominated for the Globes or the SAGS or the Oscars, so you can vote for me if you think that's wrong (I do).  2013 was the first year that Academy members could vote online for the Oscars. I read that they got very confused and frustrated and couldn’t figure out how to do it, but here you can vote for me really easy because I’ll tell you how: just write a comment saying that you want me, Heidi, to be the Bestest Dog of Studio City, 2013. You can say why too, like one reason you want me to win best dog because I am the best dog.

And as long as I win, you can also say in the comments why you think your dog is the bestest dog in Studio City, too.  That would be good because I always hear on TV when I watch the awards shows at home by myself that it is an honor just to be nominated.








june February 17, 2013 at 08:37 PM
hello Heidi. My name is Dante, and I'm a boxer. I read you all the time. I'm in love with you. I'm handsome, kind, and quite a catch. I'm age appropriate, too. I love literary females. I read a lot, but cannot write anything as good as you. So you get my vote. And I'd like to take you to dinner.
Loril gunn February 18, 2013 at 01:16 PM
Heidi, you get my vote, you had me at first bark. You are kind and gentle, very good looking, & you take excellent care of your peoples. I also know one of your obsessed fans (not a stalker) created an unpublished life sized portrait of you. I saw the bootleg copy, Bow Wow! (which shows your soft and vulnerable side.) Though being a German Shepard and a fine canine actor you can appear fierce as you did in the Sir Glen of Glenwood videos from the very cool Performing Arts Studio West productions, also available for people viewing pleasures on YouTube. So, if the Hollywood peoples don't recognize you with an award, maybe you could enter the Secret Service. Then you watch out for the Number 1 people, our President. I am not so sure why they call it the Secret Service, 'cuz all the peoples know about it. You could also ask your mom & dad about the CIA as you could "sniff out" trouble. This might be a long road to the big screen, yet they do make true story movies about CIA heroes...Argo, being this years example, up for awards! Break a leg, a people expression for good luck, silly, huh? Love from your fans in Phoenix and Boston.
deborah kaye February 19, 2013 at 07:00 PM
Heidi: where do I vote? Is it here? I just want to say -- Heidi, is the Bestest Dog of Studio City, 2013. Why? Because I love her, because she just is -- sorry all you other dogs of Studio City, Heidi is the One!
Diane Haithman February 19, 2013 at 11:33 PM
Hello Dante the Dog! It took me until now to answer your comment because I am a very busy dog and had a very busy weekend. Thank you for being in love with me and wanting to take me to dinner. I like dinner, especially meat. My mom and dad say it would be OK if we met someplace sometime and they could meet your mom or your dad. I do not know any boxers so I would like to meet one. You can e-mail my mom Diane and so then we could have a date. Thanks, Heidi
aass March 14, 2013 at 12:00 PM
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