Old Studio City Office Building Gets New Look; Whatcha Think?

The developer and architects were inspired by the revitalization of the nearby L.A. River.

The "after" photo of a building now called The Waterfront, at oldwater Canyon Avenue and Valleyheart Drive. Photo courtesy SRK Architects.
The "after" photo of a building now called The Waterfront, at oldwater Canyon Avenue and Valleyheart Drive. Photo courtesy SRK Architects.
What do you think of the newly remodeled office building at Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Valleyheart Drive?

The architects behind the $700,000 facelift, SRK, believe they've turned a toad into a prince.

"Upon first inspection, our thoughts were to just tear down the building. But the more holistically we looked at the project, the more we felt that the building’s original bones should be retained," said Brian Kite, managing principal, in a press release.

The 1950s-era building now called The Waterfront is right on the $3.6 million North Valleyheart Riverwalk Greenway, scheduled to open June 21. It was the revitalization of the river that prompted the architects to consider revitalizing the structure, which  Maureen Shapiro, president of the manufacturing firm and the developer, called a "nondescript, unattractive building." 

So here's what was done to the ugly duckling: 

  • Bringing the building into current seismic compliance
  • Adding a new multi-tenant lobby
  • Creating four separate leasable areas, restrooms, security, mechanical, plumbing and new electrical service
  • Exterior given a modern look all around
  • Horizontal ship lap siding was deployed in alternating four, six and eight inch vertical patterns, accented by dark metal panels over building entries and flush corner windows on the northwest corner
  • Glazing was expressed in a reflective “scale-less” window wall system to give a new high tech look to the facade
  • Behind the building is a walkway, gardens, and benches, which extend between Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Fulton Avenue in Studio City and Sherman Oaks

Sandy Pozzo June 07, 2014 at 09:39 PM
This building is a real problem for those living near it. The building itself has limited parking spaces....I think 3 for the entire building? And usually the woman who owns the building is parked in one or more of the spaces. She is a rude person who when told by her neighbors she and her buildings occupants are making the street parking for themselves or their guests IMPOSSIBLE she just smirks and turns on her heal and walks away!! I have no idea how the building department allowed this horrible woman to get a building permit as PARKING does NOT meet standards.
Rick Rabins June 08, 2014 at 03:01 AM
The stunning remodel of the Waterfront building can only have a positive impact on the properties nearby. The real problem with parking on Valleyheart Dr is caused by the many businesses on Ventura Blvd.
Sandy Pozzo June 10, 2014 at 01:03 PM
No Rick, though the businesses on Ventura Blvd to add to the parking problem, the Waterfront Building and it's inconsiderate Owner has made things impossible. I still continue to question how the building department has allowed this re-model without considering it is a BUSINESS that should have to comply with parking requirements. Again, add to this the Owner adds to the horrific parking situation by parking her own vehicles in the street parking places. Anytime she is confronted she is far from neighborly and is basically dismissive and RUDE!!!! Her remodel took close to a year with workmen on the job site all hours of the day and night......including Sundays making noise without any consideration for the neighbors!!!!!


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