Missing Chihuahua: Was It Taken by Coyotes?

Deborah Bauer says her chihuahua vanished into thin air. Coyotes were seen on her street.

Last week in a story headlined Deborah Bauer said that she had seen a great deal of wildlife on her street, the 4600 block of Van Noord Avenue.

Bauer told Sherman Oaks Patch that she had seen a large number of coyotes, hawks, and other wildlife the past couple of weeks.

Now, Bauer's tiny elderly chihuahua who answers to the name of Minka has disappeared.Minka has one bad eye, a bad jaw, and eats only baby food.

Bauer tells us," I have no idea whether or not she was taken by a coyote, but I just know that, as a house dog, she is ill equipped to deal with the wildlife that is on these blocks, so it's possible she was taken. She just disappeared into thin air."

"Minka barely weighs 2 pounds, if that, so very fragile, and is 10 or 11 years old, I think," added Bauer.

Bauer told us that squirrels and cats have been attacked by some of the wildlife that frequent Van Noord Avenue. The street itself has a park-like feel to it: the homes have lush lawns, lots of trees in the front and back yards, gardens galore make it an attractive and aromatic place.

Most people with pets in the neighborhood are aware that coyotes were involved in two weeks ago on Collins Avenue, reported by Sherman Oaks Patch.

We have posted a photo of Minka. Please let Sherman Oaks Patch know if you see her.

Why Dothat August 14, 2011 at 11:52 AM
Glad the reporter put the word out on the missing "Minka," but blaming coyotes is a stretch here. Unfortunately, Minka, as reported was "elderly," "fragile," had "one bad eye" and weighed less than 2-pounds. She may have run in front of a car, been poisoned or just crawled under a bush and died of natural causes. Let's not fan the flames of resentment towards wildlife, especially coyotes.
Sherry "Pawnuts" Brewer August 14, 2011 at 06:49 PM
The loss of a beloved pet is devastating under any circumstance, and I am sure that a pet's sudden disappearance would be a nightmare. According to Ms. Bauer, she had been seeing wildlife in her neighborhood, yet, if I am reading her story correctly, it appears that Minka was outside unattended. I have two larger dogs and they are always accompanied outdoors in our front yard. My husband and I live on a busy street where the main "wild life" are the drivers, although a large racoon found its way into our front yard and the dogs were immediately brought back into the house. So that what Ms. Bauer must be going through does not happen to others, please heed the warnings to protect your pets, walk them outside on a leash, and carry a stick, just in case.


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