Learn Your Pet's Language

Wouldn't You Love To “See” Things Through Your Dogs Eyes?

I will never forget the day I was walking down the hallway of my peaceful condo complex on Moorpark in Sherman Oaks when my well- trained little Therapy Dog, Mandy stopped short and refused to move forward. To my amazement...she suddenly stopped and relieved herself.

Looking up I realized that we were right in front of the door to the only person in our 100 unit building that had continuously given me a hard time about anything!  She seemed to be a bitter, lonely woman.

In the past, I had attempted to befriend the lady but her desperate moods seemed to escalate into pure evil. My own anger towards her soon gave way to compassion and pity.

I watched in awe as Mandy happily trotted on down the hallway only to look back at me with a look that said, “All right ma. Thatʼll show her.” Of course I cleaned it up, but that was the incident that changed things for me! I have much more respect for the intelligence of animals.

Animals know what we are feeling and thinking. They have been trying to communicate with us for years, but they have given up on us. So our little companions have resorted to the eating the couch or peeing on the rug out of frustration!

We are all born with the gift of communicating telepathically, it is a heart to heart communication skill that we all possess, but it has been schooled out of us by well meaning but misguided adults. You may have chalked up your own memories of such experiences to an overly active imagination. But it’s far more likely that, as a child, you were still unencumbered by belief systems that would tell you otherwise.

That is why dogs and kids are so great together, they speak
the same language.The language of the heart.

You can try it anytime with your own dog or cat, go ahead try it! Put yourself into a relaxed meditative-like state of mind, be in the moment, come from your heart. Because animals communicate in images, in your “minds eye” visualize your four legged friend walking over to you.

Focus on every detail: the feeling of your dogs or cats lovely coat, those deep, trusting eyes staring up at you, and imagine them walking toward you. Feel yourself enveloped in all of the emotion.

What you are doing here is projecting an image to your dog or cat that you are imagining them walking over to you and before you know they will be coming to you, and happy that you have communicated this to them in their language.

In order for you to truly communicate with your pet, we need to learn “THEIR” language.



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