Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle 'Discuss' Shower Control Devices

See some of the funny videos that Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle did about their new showers for their new house in Studio City. No Navy shower for her!

(Editor's Note: Catch some of the video of Ed and Rachelle with their present house in Studio City featured prominently. These devices are going to make it in their new house not far away, too.)

I'm excited to announce that Rachelle and I have just partnered with Intelligent Green Products (IGP) out of Ohio on a new shower control device that will finally end the arguments in the Begley house about long showers and uncomfortable low-flow shower heads.

The Epiphany Shower System allows for shower flow control depending on whether or not you are standing under the shower or have stepped away to lather, shave etc. It provides a luxurious shower while at the same time saving 20% to 40% on water usage and corresponding hot water energy usage.

It's a game changer! We can't wait to show it to everyone when it launches in 2013! Check out the videos online where we learn about it and explain how it works.


Bob Blanchard December 01, 2012 at 03:16 PM
I may have missed something in earlier reports about the new home Ed and Rachelle are building. Are they recycling the gray water? Some years ago I read about a system where the plumbing directed draining gray water(shower, bath, sinks AND roof rain runoff) to a filtration system where it was made pure again and available for re-use by the homeowner. It was expensive at that time, but I'm sure the cost has come down. It is the ultimate in water savings and I would think it would by a system Ed would have.


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