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Lovely Akita Needs a Home

Sherman Oaks resident Patti Sugarman returned from a visit to the North Central Shelter and reports on one of the many dogs that needs a home.



After visiting the North Central Shelter at 3201 Lacy Street, Sherman Oaks Patch resident Patti Sugarman reports that a lovely Akita, who is stressed out and depressed needs a home."An experienced Akita person would be ideal,"says Patti.

Sherry "Pawnuts" Brewer May 31, 2011 at 01:04 AM
It is such a tragedy that any animal is forced to "exist" in a cement kennel. The larger dogs, like the Akita, Pitbull, St. Bernard, German Shepherd, can easily go kennel crazy from lack of exercise and human contact. Shame on all the people who abandon their pets without considering the consequences. Please spread the word to family and friends who might be able to save the life of this beautiful Akita at the North Central shelter, and send a message about the thousands of innocent, homeless pets that are in need of loving and caring homes in all animal shelters.


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